Are you about to throw away your shoe boxes?

I am sure that many girls (like me) love buying shoes: flats, heels, boots. We will never stop buying, and there is always no ‘ENOUGH’ comes to our mind. So here’s the question, what do you do with those shoe boxes?

Throwing away? Since there is limited stroage space at home?

Or just asking for no box when you buy the shoes (anyway, I will not do that..)

SincerelyShans has posted a pretty cool video on YouTube and sharing her way of upcycling the shoe boxes.

Finally, we can ‘get rid of’ these shoe boxes.. in a more fun way:)

Let us see your creative work green artists, and I’m sure it will be amazing!


Loving all things creative?

It is no way that I keep repeating how bad the situation we are in Australia regarding the pollution problem.

What I want to addrees here is more about ‘lovely‘, ‘fantastic‘, ‘awesome‘ and ‘wonderful‘.

CREATIVE definitely.

Let’s see what Sarah’s sustainable tips of the week are:

It is not asking you to be a superhero and save the world for the rest of us. It is just saying that a little help will actually do a lot if you keep the habit. You will never know how powerful you can be until you really try. I believe, if there are more ‘a little spakle in life’, the environment will be brighter:) So, guys, start from today, start from YOU.

Join us and be a green artists like many others do!!!

Get a special gift box for your loved ones


Thinking of a little suprise for a friend? This is something that you may love to do.

Upcycling is becoming increasingly popular among groups and individuals concerned about pollution problem.  Recycling is great but it requires energy and resources to collect, sort and process unwanted items and waste. SO upcycling is an even greener way of recycling . You find a new purpose for your unwanted items before you throw them away.  It’s all about taking disposable things and creating something useful from them.  Using a little creativity, and make something lovely and special for your loved ones will be great.