The Moon Cake Box Recycling 2014 Campaign Spares 16 Tonnes of Landfill

Greate campaign to follow. There are many moon cake box left after the festival, and we just throw most of them away. If we can do some recycle and upcycle of these boxes, we will help maintain a cleaner environment. Creative people, this is your turn!

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Some 54,000 mooncake boxes will not go to landfill thanks to an environmental drive to collect for recycling the metal tins and cardboard boxes that contain the traditional treat.

The Moon Cake Box Recycling 2014 campaign, that was spearheaded by the Housing Authority in July, collected 16 tonnes of discarded containers.

Mooncakes are traditional treats often given as gifts during the mid-autumn festival.

The Housing Authority set up more than 170 collection points for mooncake boxes at its headquarters at Fat Kwong Street, Kowloon; the HA Customer Service Centre in Lok Fu, Kowloon; public rental housing (PRH) estate offices; shopping centres and markets throughout the city.

The number of boxes collected by the campaign has doubled in a decade. In 2004, the programme collected 26,000 boxes, weighing a total of seven tonnes.

“Thanks to the efforts of public housing tenants and our staff, the recycling activities were successfully launched, which…

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What is ‘A little sparkle in life’?

Hi all,

A little sprakle in life is a social issue campaign regarding recycling. I know many young people like us today do not like recycling, becasue it is BORING!!!! However, we still need to do it for the mother earth or let’s say for ourselves and our children in the future!!!!

This blog will update regularly regarding creative ways of recycling and show you how fun it will be if you get started! So, guys.. let us be creative and make a little sparkle in life for green!

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